Canada Soccer Active Start Soccer SWEMSA U9 Fest

Jun 15, 2019

Bumble Bees

ID When/Where Home Score Away
71Sat 9:45am at 20TRSA Devils (Austrom)N/ALorelei-Beaumaris Tigers (Caissie)
72Sat 9:45am at 21TRSA (Santos)N/ATRSA (Saltajee) - Leprechauns
73Sat 11:45am at 20TRSA (Santos)N/ATRSA Devils (Austrom)
74Sat 11:45am at 21TRSA (Saltajee) - LeprechaunsN/ALorelei-Beaumaris Tigers (Caissie)
75Sat 1:45pm at 20TRSA Devils (Austrom)N/ATRSA (Saltajee) - Leprechauns
76Sat 1:45pm at 21Lorelei-Beaumaris Tigers (Caissie)N/ATRSA (Santos)

4 Team Round Robin

Every team plays 3 matches. Medals are determined from standings after all matches have been played.

Game times, location and opponents subject to change